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quoteTeatron has unearthed a little gem of a play by Atlanta writer Janece Shaffer called Bluish... Shaffer has a sensitive ear for dialogue that captures the way people really talk. It’s not a play filled with one-liners and jokes. These are true characters, and often you have the feeling you are eavesdropping on some very private conversations.”
– Mark Andrew Lawrence, The North York Mirror


Bluish follows a 36-year-old woman who discovers, after a comfortable life of Santa Claus, supper clubs and Easter bonnets, that she is Jewish.  This surprise is met with a myriad of reactions from her Jewish fiancé, his thrilled and often overbearing family and her concerned, WASPy stepmother. Beth’s journey for identity and faith inspires her closes confidantes to reconsider what they believe and how they practice those beliefs.

How many degrees of change can love withstand?

Character Breakdown

4F, 2M

World Premiere

Alliance Theatre

Other Productions

Arizona Jewish Theatre Company, Phoenix
Toronto Jewish Theatre
New Jewish Theatre, St. Louis


A Preview of Bluish