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Brownie Points

quoteThough race might be the key to exploring conversation about prejudices, it is hardly the only prejudice addressed. This play tackles everything from race, money, and disability, to a woman’s role in society. Great writing by Janece Shaffer facilitates the fine balance of comedy without robbing these relevant challenges of their potency.”
– Esther Maria Swaty, The Examiner



A fierce, unexpected storm strands a group of mothers and 14 first grade girls, including their daughters, on an overnight campout in the North Georgia mountains.  As a storm rages outside, a squall builds inside the cabin.  The close quarters, diverse backgrounds and differing walks of life collide, spurring hilarious but meaningful conversations about race, religion and parenting.

"Brownie Points" explores the question, “What is more powerful: the shared experience of motherhood or the divisiveness of racism?”  This play is about real people who struggle to do the right thing and still mess up -- like the white woman in her car who sees the black man standing on the street -- she smiles and then locks her door with her elbow.

Character Breakdown



Gene Gabriel Moore Best New Play Award

World Premiere

Theatrical Outfit
Directed by Jasmin Guy

Other Productions

Taproot Theatre, Seattle
Lamb’s Players Theatre, San Diego
Regent University, Virginia Beach


Brownie Points