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He Looks Great in a Hat

quoteTender, heartfelt and sweet, ‘He Looks Great in a Hat’ is destined to become the Alliance Theatre’s feel good hit of the season.”
– Wendell Brock, Atlanta Journal/Constitution


Rachel Solomon has always dreamed of a relationship like the on her grandparents had.  Theirs was a love that never ended, from the day her grandmother first saw her grandfather (wearing a grey felt hat), to the day she died.  Rachel’s love story doesn’t look much life a fairy tale.  Her marriage has ended in divorce and not only is she the first person in her family to be divorced, but her family and friends are anxious for her to start dating again.  When “Mr. Right” comes into her life, he’s not exactly Mr. Perfect, and Rachel must reconcile her heart and mind or risk losing him.  

Character Breakdown

4F, 2M

World Premiere

Alliance Theatre
Directed by Lawrence Keller

He Looks Great in a Hat