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Collaborating to Create Impactful Stories for Professional Success

What Story Are You Telling?

Every powerful story has an arc – a beginning, middle and end. It has color and detail. And your life, your career has a story to tell.

If someone asks, “Tell me about yourself,” how do you respond? Do you offer a “Well…” while you try to quickly figure out where to start? Do you ramble or fail to include the most relevant information? Is the story you tell truly an authentic, compelling reflection of who you are and what you’ve accomplished?

In a world that is overrun with reports and emails, research and spreadsheets, what we remember and hold on to is a story. And knowing your story, being able to articulate that story with confidence and clarity is essential to success.

Through a series of interactive exercises and interviews, we will do a deep dive and explore your career path, trace the evolution of your values, identify your defining moments and create a powerful narrative that speaks to who you are. We will identify language and images that feel appropriate and authentic. We will develop a process that will allow you to master your story and then have the skill to adapt it to a variety of scenarios.

You have an important story to tell. Are you ready to tell it?
When you are, start the process with an email to info@storyready.com

Client Feedback

“While it's true that everyone has a story, not everyone can tell a compelling story that engages the listener and makes them want to know more. That's where working with StoryReady/Janece has made a big difference for the kinds of stories I tell about my nonprofit organization and myself.

Because of her distinctive background as a playwright and business editor, Janece truly understands how to communicate effectively with diverse professional audiences. She knows the importance of facts and evidence and has pushed us to go further to reveal the deeper emotional heart of our work. Whether it's a public talk, an important presentation at work or an article for publication, working with Janece has helped me tell infinitely better stories about the work we do and why it matters.”

– Sita Ranchod-Nilsson, Director of The Institute of Developing Nations, Emory University



“I recently made a major shift in my 30+ year career and was eager to find a way to talk about this exciting transition. With Janece’s guidance, I now have the clarity as well as the words to talk about this new chapter in my career. Janece was also instrumental in helping me tell update my website and social media to ensure that I was consistently delivering my story. Now when someone asks about my current work, I don’t hesitate to share my story.”

– Susan Freeman, Financial Advisor, Northwestern Mutual